Foreign Correspondents Club of Malaysia


Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said he was preparing for the worst -- another prison term -- but has vowed to stay in the country as his struggle is here.

"I do expect the worst. Going back to prison is going to be very very difficult... (But) it's not a choice. I opted to struggle in Malaysia," he told FCCM members and guests at a dinner talk on October 21, a week before his Federal Court appeal against a sodomy conviction, perhaps his last chance to legally defeat the allegation that first surfaced in 2008.

The former deputy prime minister, who already spent six years in prison on previous charges he has dismissed as politically motivated, has led Pakatan Rakyat to record gains in consecutive elections. He has said the latest case is due to his coalition's electoral successes in a country that has been ruled by the same regime since 1957 independence.