Foreign Correspondents Club of Malaysia

About Us

The Foreign Correspondents Club of Malaysia is a non-profit organisation, established in 2011 to aid foreign correspondents working in Malaysia. The club organises regular briefings, debates and receptions with government officials, politicians, leading civil society figures, business leaders, analysts, academics and authors. The club also holds monthly social events, providing a unique networking opportunity for members and guests. The FCCM includes members from all major foreign news media based in Kuala Lumpur. Our associate members include journalists from the local media, foreign diplomats, government agency and trade office representatives, executives from the business community and non-government organisations. The FCCM is a member of the Asia-Pacific Association of Press Clubs and currently serves as the Association’s first vice-president. The FCCM also has a number of reciprocal arrangements with other foreign correspondents’ clubs in countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The FCCM Executive Committee


Patrick Lee, Agence France-Presse

Vice President

Shannon Teoh, Straits Times


Vivian Ho, Kyodo News


Anisah Shukry, Bloomberg

Assistant Secretary

Jason Ng, Newsrise

Council Members

Abdullah Bugis, Kuwait News Agency Anantha Lakshmi, Reuters Fazry Ismail, European Pressphoto Agency Henry Halim Berbar, HBLNetwork Syawalludin Zain, Associated Press




The Overseas Press Club (OPC) of America is extending privileges, such as use of its facilities, including restaurant and bar, to all FCCM members. So when you are in New York, you can use the facilities of the Club Quarters. 

This agreement came about at the IAPC (International Association of Press Clubs) meeting in Warsaw, Poland, which approved the Asia-Pacific Association (APPC) members into the IAPC.

Please note sleeping rooms are not included in reciprocity. They are only for OPC members. For more information on OPC, check out their website https://www.opcofamerica.org/

FCCM also has reciprocal agreements for ordinary members with FCA Singapore, FCC HK, FCC Thailand and Jakarta FCC